$RAKOFF is a CW20 tribute meme token for all
$LUNC Landians and $LUNA-tics




2.5% Commission 🤑

100% $RAKOFF
Buyback & BURNS 🔥

$RAKOFF's Vision

$RAKOFF was the Brainchild of LL69 & Frag when they got together and wondered, "hey what would happen if we created a meme token on $LUNC that DIDN'T rug? Later on they axed Danny Demi DeFi if he would like to come along for the adventure and he said "Si with burrito"... true story... Big things coming, To Victory!!!

Increase On-Chain Volume & Visibility

Create Utilities & Use Cases for $LUNC

Serve as a Showcase & Educational Project for $LUNC Community

Revive Key Partnerships with Ecosystem Players in $LUNC and the wider COSMOS🔥


LL69 (Founder)

FRAG (Co-Founder)

D-3 (Deputy Intern of Memes, Arts & Funzzo)


This Website Does Not Contain Financial Advice: "This is a meme token. Invest at your own risk. Warning: Cryptocurrency markets can be highly volatile. Invest only what you can afford to lose. This coin is purely speculative and may have no inherent value. Investing in this coin does not guarantee an y returns. This token has not been approved by any regulatory authority and is for entertainment purposes only. Any endorsements or mentions by celebrities are not endorsements of the token itself. This coin/token relies on experimental blockchain technology. Use at your own risk. Be aware of potential security risks associated with holding and trading this token. We are not responsible for any losses incurred through investing in this coin. Users are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations in their jurisdiction.

Contract Address: terra1vhgq25vwuhdhn9xjll0rhl2s67jzw78a4g2t78y5kz89q9lsdskq2pxcj2